Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Indie Authors: Why You Should Get Your Book into a Multi-Author Boxed Set

Rankings accurate at time post was published
Rankings accurate at time post was published

Boxed sets are very popular at the moment, and some are doing really well. As an indie author, you can do this too! Here's how multi-author boxed sets benefit everyone involved:

Readers Get More Books for Less
Boxed sets generally have bargain prices. Many even go for 99 cents! As a reader, there's no way you can lose out. Even if you only enjoy a few of the stories in the collections, you're still scoring.

Authors Get More Sales of Follow-Up Books
The only time I wouldn't recommend putting your book into a multi-author boxed set is if it's your only published book. You're not going to see an improvement in sales; in fact, you may see a drop. However, for authors of series, having your first book available in a boxed set increases the sales of all the other books in your series from readers who may never have discovered you otherwise.

More People to Spread the Word
When you announce the release of your own book, you've got all your fans and contacts to help you. When you announce the release of a boxed set, you've got your fans and contacts PLUS the fans and contacts of every other author from the collection. This gives you exposure far beyond your own fan base.

Combined Marketing Efforts
It's difficult to come up with fun, original ways to market your books, not to mention time consuming to execute those ideas. When you've got a group of authors putting their brains together to come up with marketing ideas, all of whom will take part in carrying them out, it's easier for everyone!

Ads Cost Less
Ads can cost quite a lot when you're paying for them on your own, but when the cost is split multiple ways, it's far more affordable. Yes, it's the boxed set that's being advertised, but YOUR BOOK and YOUR NAME are getting visibility at the same time.

All that being said, I'd now like to announce that we Dauntless Authors are producing our own boxed set! We picked ten of our most awesome, kick-butt YA heroines and put them all together in GIRLS ON FIRE!

The cover will be revealed on June 9th
GIRLS ON FIRE will be released on June 16th


Jordan McCollum said...

I love this idea! Whats the saying--nice work if you can get it? ;)

Rachel Morgan said...

You should be in the next Dauntless Authors boxed set, Jordan! :-)

Cora Zane said...

Please consider posting a blog article about what goes into the making of a boxed set. What are some of the necessary steps authors have to take business wise? I'd love to create a boxed set with a few of my close friends, but I'm having a hard time finding information regarding what we need to do legally and tax wise before we get our books together.

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