Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Favorite Book Covers: Night Swimming vs. Nash

As authors, we spend a lot of time pondering book covers. Admiring other authors' covers, dreaming about our own covers, designing our own covers ... So we thought it would be fun to spend the month of April and the A to Z Blogging Challenge looking at book covers and choosing our favorites.

Two more of my absolute favorite authors! Niki Burnham and Jay Crownover. Night Swimming is a fantastic story for high schoolers, and Nash... Well, it isn't out for another week, but it is going to be awesome! Jay Crownover writes NA.

Which is your favorite book cover and why?

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susan e. schwartz, ph.d., Jungian analyst said...

Pictures do say a thousand words...
Thank you,
Garden of Eden Blog

Birgit said...

I will take the first one as the 2nd doesn't want me to pick up the cover at all. I think spoilt teenaged boy-wrong I know but no desire to read it

Bradley Charbonneau said...

Wow, I know a cover is important, but this is a fun idea to compare two covers and ask for opinions--and why. I just published my second book and I spent minimal time on the cover as I had a (self-imposed) publish date and just wanted it live. But you're reminding me how important it is. BTW, the first one here is more enticing. ;-)

Visiting via A to Z from Pass the Sour Cream. Co-Author (with my sons) of The Secret of Kite Hill.

Rachel Morgan said...

I'm also going for the first cover, NIGHT SWIMMING. There's something a lot more enticing about those almost stormy clouds and the characters staring up at them.

Cherie Reich said...

Both are great covers. Hmm, I think I like the second one a bit better. The mark on his arm intrigues me and I like the splash of color for the title.

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