Saturday, April 12, 2014

Favorite Book Covers: Kiss of Fire Old vs New

As authors, we spend a lot of time pondering book covers. Admiring other authors' covers, dreaming about our own covers, designing our own covers ... So we thought it would be fun to spend the month of April and the A to Z Blogging Challenge looking at book covers and choosing our favorites.

Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington has gone through three different covers since it's release in 2012. 


Which is your favorite book cover and why?

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Veronica Sicoe said...

I like the third one. It looks the most professional of the three. It's subtle, elegant, and the fonts are unobtrusive and well balanced to each other. Good work. :)

Rachel Morgan said...

Hmm... I can't decide between the second and third covers!

Birgit said...

he 3rd one for sure. It gives a hint of what may be inside the book and you want to read about it

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