Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Final Word on Frozen

As coming from someone who writes stories for a living. Lately, there has been an outcry on Facebook against Frozen for it's "hidden agendas." I'm here to tell you that the only real hidden agenda in the movie is to *gasp* make money. It's not some liberalist subconscious ploy to . . . no one has ever really made the end goal clear. Something about corrupting children.

There's this little thing called themes. Writers put them in novels/screenplays to resonate with a shared human experience. The above song is about letting go of your secrets-the things you've hidden from the world for fear of rejection. It's about embracing the part of yourself you wish didn't exist.

Guess what? We all have those secrets (which is why inserting that theme in the movie is a brilliant piece of writing). We all have things we hold onto so tightly we end up breaking ourselves-some to more extent than others.

You can take that theme and apply it to hundreds of individual situations. For me, it harkens back to my childhood. I wanted to be a writer. But I didn't often tell people that. Because if I didn't make it, they would know if I failed.

I had to let go of that fear. I had to embrace that part of me, no matter how scary. Because it was in fact PART OF ME. And hating any part of yourself is damaging.

A secondary theme is that our own power is a little intimidating-scary even. We all have so much power for good or bad. Perhaps that's where people get the whole "hidden agenda" camp came from. That there is something wrong or "bad" with Elsa's power. And she embraces it (for shame!).

What she learns (and another theme of the movie), is that power isn't good or bad. It's what you do with that power that makes you who you are. Another is that love, acceptance, and forgiveness is the true magic.

How on earth can such uplifting themes be a bad thing?


Rachel Morgan said...

I have yet to watch this movie (hoping to correct that soon!), and I seem to have missed the online outcries about its "hidden agendas". But the themes you've mentioned here certainly sound like good ones to incorporate in a children's story (or a story for any age group!).

Amber L Argyle said...

It's a great movie! And I thought all the themes and messages were great. Hope you get to see it soon!

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