Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Paranormal Life for Me

Writing paranormal is a perfect fit for me because I’m not really normal. I like finding the magic in things and it’s always been fun to image ‘what if?’
Once when I was doing an interview, someone asked me the question: 'Normal or paranormal?' I answered paranormal and my husband quipped, "Is this in real life or in
 your reading and writing?" Then he grinned and asked, "Would the answer change?" I laughed and told him, "Nope the answer would be the same."
In high school a boy I had a crush on called me weird. It was horrible. At the time I thought my teenage life was ending. I cried and wondered what I had done to make him call me that. I was also outraged. How dare he call me weird! I was totally normal.
But, honestly, he was right. I'm not exactly normal. I never really have been. For example, I spend hours and months of my life creating fictional people. Another large chunk of my time is spent talking with other people who create fictional people, reading about fictional people and discussing said fictional people with fellow readers. I'm really enthusiastic about anything I'm involved with and that seeps over into my love of books and writing too. I even helped plan a party for a werewolf and another party for a vampire. As a matter of fact I went to the prom in another state for said werewolf and vampire and was on the planning committee. I even convinced several of my friends to join me. Yes, that would be the Eclipse Prom for any of you who were into Twilight back in the day.
I drive to book signings and have pages of questions to ask the authors. A lot of people don't do any of those things. And you know what? I'm really okay with that. I had fun at all of those things and I'd do them again. What's so great with being normal? I enjoy being paranormal.  

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