Thursday, October 10, 2013

How Big is Your "Brave"?

by Donna K. Weaver

Being part of a creative venture makes us vulnerable. We put a little bit (sometimes more than a little bit) of ourselves in everything we write. So, what do you do after you've finally finished it?

Do you take the Margaret Mitchell approach and hide chapters around your house and under cushions?
Yes, that Margaret Mitchell. The Pulitzer Prize winning author of Gone With The Wind. Imagine a world where one of Margaret's guests didn't accidentally sit on one of those carefully typed chapters and pull it out. And read the pages. What if that amazing book had never seen the light of day?

It's scary. I confess that one of the most frightening things I've ever done was to hand over a piece of my work and let someone read it.

What is it you're afraid to do--but are dying to?

Let's see "how big your brave" is. 

1 comment:

Cindy M Hogan said...

Love the video, Donna! I'd dress up for Halloween every day of the week....

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